Beaming Pix Help
If your question(s) can't be answered here, please don't hesitate to use the Contact Form for further assistance.

Q. Can I post my image link on other sites, i.e. - Online forums?
Yes, that's what Beaming Pix was created for. It's so simple, there's only one link to "Copy & Paste" with the proper image code to make posting that much easier.

Q. Is there an App for Beaming Pix?
No, it's not necessary. Beaming Pix works on all platforms without the need of an App. You can take a picture directly from your device or upload from the gallery.

Q. Does Beaming Pix use my cell provider's data?
Only when your device isn't connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Q. Do I need to resize images myself, or does Beaming Pix automatically do it for me?
Sort of, if your image exceeds 3MB you will have to resize the image's "file size". Beaming Pix will resize the dimensions to 800x600 pixels (max) which in turn also lowers the "file size" even further.

Q. Can I upload multiple images at the same time?
Yes, but each image must be below the 3MB size limit.

Q. Only one image uploads from my device. How do I upload multiple images?
First, select "Start Beaming Pix", open your gallery and select the first image, then "You can add more images from your device". Repeat until you have all the images you want and then "Upload" all at once.

Q. My image isn't properly orientated, can I fix this after it's been uploaded?
No, you have to do this prior to uploading.

Q. I can't access my Beaming Pix account?
Please use the Contact Form, your issue will be reviewed and you will be contacted soon.
(Updated 1-18-18)